Free CCleaner Pro Keys 2021 [Lifetime Serial Key]

Are you looking for a tool for cleaning your PC? Do you have to compromise with the performance and speed of your Pc? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. The Ccleaner pro key is the number one tool that has been around longer than most Windows utility cleaners. In this article, we will be sharing the details about cleaner pro keys, what it is actually, a list of cleaner pro keys that actually work and explain step by step how to activate the keys. So keep reading till the very end to know more about the topic.

What is the CCleaner Pro Key?

Ccleaner pro key or Ccleaner Professional key is a utility for cleaning and wiping away the remnant debris of an operating system. It is a tool that runs a health checkup of your system which finds out and removes the unused files which form the debris of the operating system. This utility has been ranked as the number-one tool for cleaning the PC.

It not only protects your privacy but also makes your computer faster and more secure. Ccleaner has introduced a new feature, its very own Health Check which analyzes the PC and recommends quick fixes. Ccleaner automatically tunes and updates it so the PC starts and runs faster, and is more secure.

With the use of CCleaner, your PC remains brisk and secure. You can also streamline what you need to check and clean. With the CCleaner pro key, you can clear up the drives which in turn clear up spaces and memory.

Free CCleaner Pro Keys For 2021

The CCleaner Pro keys are used to unlock the full potential of  CCleaner. So, try out these free keys listed below. If one doesn’t work, jump to the next one until you find the one that works. Try out your luck till you get that one that’s not yet claimed.

Serial Key: ERT5-ERT5-67UJ-YHGF-OJHG
License Key: GFT6-T78U-GFT6-78UI-JKNH
Serial Number: 6T78-KJ5V-FT67-8IJK-HGYT
License Number: Y78IO-KGFRT-678U-IJHG-FT6T
Activation Key: T7YI-KNVG-FT6T-78HV-5TZA
Activation Code: F6T7-UIJH-BVGR-T68H-JGT7
Registration Code: 789I-JHGF-R678-UIJT-Y678
Registration Key: R5IJ-HGFR-6YGD-E567-YUH7
Product Key: T789-IOKH-GTYO-KJHG-Y778
Product Code: 89OJ-GT78-9OJH-Y789-OKJH

1. CCleaner Professional Key


2. CCleaner Pro Serial Key


3. CCleaner Professional Serial Key


How to Use CCleaner Pro Keys?

First and foremost, you need to download the CCleaner app on your computer or laptop. For this, connect your device to the Internet and then open the browser. You can go forth with any browser but I will recommend you to use Google Chrome.

Step 1– Visit the official website of Ccleaner.

Step 2– Once you get into the page, you will get the option to download. There will be two versions available, Free download and CCleaner pro. Download the Free version which says “FreeDownload” and not the paid version.

Step 3– Download the file on your system. Do not proceed with the installation.

Step 4– Make sure to switch off and disconnect your Internet Connection as soon as you finish downloading. Your system, your PC, and laptop should not be connected to the Internet at the time of installation.

Step 5– Go to the Downloads file and run install the app as you would normally do to any applications. Give the necessary permissions and run Install.

Step 6– Once the app is installed, tick off the box which says view release notes and then run CCleaner. After that click on Options. After that click on “Upgrade to Pro.”

Make sure your Internet connection is switched off during the whole process.

When you will click on the option “Upgrade to Pro,” you will be asked to enter the license key as well as the name. You can enter any random name in the first box. And in the box which says License Key, enter any one of the CCleaner pro keys mentioned above and hit enter.

Now your CCleaner has been upgraded to Professional without spending any extra bucks.


Isn’t it amazing that you now have the Professional CCleaner app without spending any bucks? Follow the above-mentioned steps carefully to get the amazing benefits of Professional CCleaner absolutely free by the use of CCleaner pro key.

Now you will be able to boost your device’s performance and delete unnecessary files and make more space available to your computer. Other benefits include unpacking of the cache files which are the reason behind the overheating of your system or handset. It will improve the efficiency of your device rapidly.

I hope, this article was useful. Do share in comments whether or not this article helped you to get the desired solution.