How To Cast To Firestick from Literally Any Device?

Amazon firestick is a really amazing media streaming device that gives you really interesting features of streaming videos, installing apps, mirroring devices and playing devices, etc. You want to cast firestick to your device and see your vacation photos.  Though the firestick is primarily meant for the goodness of television but its another feature of casting allows you to use your television as the second screen. This can be done in very simple steps and following those steps is really worth it. Today in this blog post we are going to share methods that would help guide you in how to cast to firestick from Android, iPad, and Windows.

How To Cast To Firestick From Android, iPhone, iPad, And Windows?

Here are the steps to cast to firestick from Android:

1. Casting Firestick From Android

First of all, you need to connect the TV and your android phone on the same network i.e it can be on the same wifi or the same router that you are using but both of them should be connected on the network.

  1. When you have set up the firestick on your device then you will see some options of pages.
  2. Then go the Settings page and when the settings page open, you can see the “Network” option, go to that option, and click on that. And select your network there which will be connected by your Android phone also.
  3. After selecting your network click on the “home” key on your remote and it will bring you to the homepage and for the setting of a mirror casting you need to hold the home button on the remote for more than 2-3 seconds and it will pop-up a new page with various options available there.
  4. From the above options select Mirroring and then a new page will open with a written “Display Mirroring” on the top of that page with a message.
  5. So leave the screen in that situation only. And open your mobile and make sure that you have connected to the same network to which the t.v is connected. After ensuring that you have connected with the same network open your settings option.
  6. Go the Bluetooth and device connection and there will be an option of “Cast” and select that option it will display some of the wireless devices so connect to your firestick device option.
  7. And it will take some 5-10 seconds to connect and when it will connect successfully then you can use your phone on your firestick device.

In different Android phones “Cast” options are available in different ways. In some phone, it is directly written as screen mirroring, and on some phone, you need to search for that option so search for it and enjoy.

2. Casting Firestick From iPhone or IPad

You need to ensure that you have connected your firestick and your IOS device is connected to the same wifi. Then follow these steps as given below:-

  1. We need to install an app to enable the screen mirroring with ios devices.
  2. From the home screen highlight the search option and search for the “AirScreen” app and download that app on your firestick device it will install automatically and you just need to open that “AirScreen” app.
  3. When the app opens up click on the “Start Now” option.
  4. Go to the “Settings” options and click on that and it will open General Setting with a lot of options in which “Device name” is one of the options and you can change this as per your choice and your firestick device will get the name from that.
  5. Below the “Device name” option there is a checkbox labeled with “AirPlay” make sure that it is checked in that checkbox.
  6. Then press return and go to the home menu and click on the “Start”.Then your firestick device will show a message on its screen: “Wait for a connection”
  7. Go to your iPhone/iPad and search for the “screen mirroring” option and click on that and select your firestick device in your screen mirroring option in iPhone/iPad
  8. And when you select your firestick device on your phone. Then on the firestick device screen click the center button of your remote and your device successfully get the screen mirroring.

3. Casting Firestick From Windows

  1. First of all, make sure that you have connected your firestick device with your laptop
  2. Press and hold the “home” button then the pop-up page will come with some options.
  3. Go to the Mirroring and click on that.
  4. After this come to your laptop and click on the “notification icon” which is mostly available in the right lower corner of the screen and then there will be an option of “Connect”
  5. Click on that option and it will start searching the available nearby devices to connect.
  6. And then click on your firestick device name on your laptop to connect and then it will connect your laptop to your firestick device i.e TV.


So, folks, we have covered all the methods that would guide you to cast to firestick using Android, iPad, and Windows as well. These methods are presented with screenshots. These methods are working and will guide you for sure. If you are facing any issue regarding this issue then please contacts us in the comments section. We will surely help you there. Cheers!