How To Cancel Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox has always been a talk of the town amongst the gaming and entertainment media. And all the fuss lies in the Xbox gaming services provided by Microsoft. No doubt, it has never disappointed anyone with its best delivery of about 100+ games. However, subscription charges do affect a person’s budget as it continues even if one has not used it for ages. So, what can be a better option than canceling the monthly subscriptions…right? Nevertheless, the question is how to cancel Xbox game pass?

Well, you won’t have to hustle hard to cancel your Xbox game pass as we will back you up onto this. And through this read, you will know the facts regarding the Xbox game pass and steps to cancel the monthly subscriptions.

What Is Xbox Game Pass?

To get access to the games offered on Xbox one console, you need the Xbox game pass. This game pass consists of a well-listed games catalog based on a monthly subscription. It has also been termed as “Netflix for Video Games” by Forbes.

Xbox game pass consists of three packages depending upon the platform choice made by the user. Firstly, the ultimate package that comprises of more than 100 games. Also, you can use this with PC, console as well as Android devices. This comes for around $14.99 per month. Secondly, the Xbox game pass for Windows 10 comes at $4.99, and the last one cost around $9.99 for the Xbox One console.

Hence, by opting for these Xbox game pass subscriptions, you can enjoy the unlimited fun for a month. But if you don’t get time to access these features, then it is just a waste of money. So, the best option is to cancel the subscription.

However, if you don’t want to let go of your achievements. You can rest assured because you won’t lose any of it. It will record all your progress and let you start from the same place if you get back the Xbox game pass again.

How To Cancel Xbox Game Pass On PC?

Xbox gaming console and its game pass can be the best investment for the gamers. But this investment can come in the form of expense pressure for the users. Although the gaming experience will not make you regret the expense. However, when you don’t have time to spare over the games, then it may not do justice to your budget.

And hence, you need to know the exact steps involved in how to cancel Xbox game pass. So that you can cancel the subscription whenever you want. 

1. Login To Microsoft Account

The first and foremost step to cancel the Xbox game pass on PC is to open your default browser and visit the official Microsoft website. Login to your Microsoft account. The Microsoft website provides easy access to gamers and other users using products like Skype, Cortana, Microsoft Edge, and many more.

2. Go to Services And Subscriptions

After the login process, on the top of the site, there is a tab named ‘Services and Subscription’. Once you move to this page, you will be displayed all your purchased subscriptions on the screen. Search for the Xbox game pass subscription from the list.

3. Manage the Xbox Game Pass

Once you locate the Xbox game pass subscription, select the ‘Manage’ link that resides below the Xbox logo. The manage link complies with the overall process of payments and subscriptions. Hence, the user can easily access their account-related payments and products.

4. Click on Cancel

Once you step to the Manage link, it will display the payments and billings option on the screen. But before selecting the cancel tab, firstly you need to change the settings of Auto-renewal to save your subscription from automatically renewing itself every month. Hence, click on the change tab and turn off the auto-renewal of the payment.

Once done, click on the cancel tab to proceed further.

5. Go To Next

Here, the screen will display with two options, Don’t charge My Subscription or End now and get the refund. As per the first option, you can access the game until it expires. And the other option will simply cancel all your access to the games. Hence, select as per your requirement from the option and click next.

6. Confirm Cancellation

In the last step, confirm the cancellation of the Xbox game pass. And after completing this step, you’ll have successfully unsubscribed your Xbox game pass through your PC.

Can We Unsubscribe Through Xbox One Console?

To be honest, there was one option available on the Xbox One console to cancel the Xbox game pass through the console but it isn’t available anymore. Therefore, the only possible way is to go with the PC method by using the Microsoft account.

However, you can get yourself directed to the Microsoft site through Xbox One console.

  • Go to your console settings and click on Accounts and then locate the subscription tab.

  • After clicking on this tab, select the Xbox game pass ultimate and go to view and manage subscription. And it will directly head you to the official Microsoft site.

  • Now just follow the above-mentioned process to unsubscribe the Xbox game pass through your PC.

Final Words

Hence, we conclude this article, with the steps on how to cancel Xbox game pass. When you cancel your Xbox game pass, remember to turn off the recurring bill as well. And, we hope the steps mentioned are understandable to you and let you seek the help you have been looking for. Also, don’t worry about your progress in the game, you can pick your favorite game from where you left before, after subscribing to the Xbox game pass again.