Free Call Of Duty Mobile Hacks: Aimbot, Wall hack 2020

Its been a year since Call of Duty captured the world of gamers. And since then it has been a popular game on iOS and Android. So, as we know, this game involves focus and hardship over being a great player. Some prefer an easy approach to move further, even if it involves cheats and hacks. And if you too like this approach then you should know about Call of Duty hacks.

Even though hacks and cheats are available for Call of Duty. The makers of the game are capable of identifying the hacks used by the players. Hence, it is recommended to stay vigilant while using these hacks.

What Is Call Of Duty?

Call of Duty: Mobile is a first-person shooting game launched by Timi Studios for iOS and Android. This game involves three game modes i.e., Multiplayer, Battle Royale, and Zombies. As this game is full of challenges, hardly a player could get bored.

This game provides a private room to invite your friends and enjoy the gameplay together in both multiplayer and battle royale mode. The multiplayer mode also includes various features like Prop Hunt, Rapid Fire, Gun Game, and much more. Besides, in Battle Royale, 100 players get a chance to fly over the map on the plane and choose their destination. And with every game, you get a new flight path.

Call Of Duty Mobile Hacks And Cheats

Like other games, Call of Duty has many hacks and cheats which can help you gain a competitive advantage in the game. Though using hacks to win the game is an unfair practice. However, if you still want to know about these hacks and cheats then we won’t stop you.

As a matter of fact, this compiled series of Call of Duty hacks and cheats is available on this blog post to help you gain an advantage over others in the game.

1. Radar Hack

Radar hack is a hack used in Call of Duty that lets you know the exact location of your enemies on a minimap. Here, you will know the no. of enemies available in the battle with you. After which you can easily kill your enemies. Sounds amazing… Doesn’t it?

While this hack looks cool and appealing but it is at high risk. It is a new hack available in the market hence it can be detected easily. So, don’t try this out from your personal account.

2. Aimbot Hack

If you fancy shooting every target you face in the game then Aimbot hacks can be really useful for you. This is a bot that helps the player shoot the enemy without having to aim the target. You can just target the enemy position by your gun and the bot will then start shooting. Hence, it is most probably impossible to lose the game as this bot will help you target every enemy in view.

However, Call of Duty is a popular game and hence it is quite tough to use this bot without being noticed by the developer. And if they notice such activity then you can get your account banned forever.

3. Wallhacks

Wallhacks is almost similar to Aimbot except here you can see through the walls. And this makes you know if there are guns, loots, grenades, enemies hidden the other side of the wall. Also, this feature highlights the enemies and shows their health meter. Although this hack is beneficial, it is impossible to claim the kills made by this hack.

However, you can get the best guns available and can loot quickly. Also, you can avoid wandering around the house in search of items. Furthermore, it is not possible to easily detect this hack. Hence, it’s worth trying.

4. No Recoil Hack

To have control over your weapon is the most required skill in FPS games. As you may know how it affects the gameplay. Hence, using this hack you can kill as many enemies present in the game without having to recoil every time. The plus point of this cheat is that you get to kill the enemy in one reload.

This no recoil hack is safe as compared to others. Also, you need to use an M4 weapon for this cheat to work.

5. Unlimited Ammo Hack

So, you are having a battle, and when the moment of your victory arrives suddenly your bullet bag is empty. And at the same moment, you get killed by your enemy. Well, it’s frustrating. As every player desires to have an endless bullet while fighting a battle.

This problem can be resolved through Unlimited Ammo hacks. Through this hack, you can access unlimited ammo without any loss during your battle. However, use a secure host file to run this cheat because if caught you can lose your account.

6. Speed Hack

This cheat is useful and less damaging as it increases the speed of the player. To be more specific, during the gameplay speed hack lets you run faster making it impossible for your enemies to target you easily. And this step will make you win the battle effortlessly.

Despite being useful in a couple of games, it can be easily traced. Therefore, have fun using this hack until it is eliminated from the gameplay.

How To Install Call of Duty Mod On Android?

Here you can get the link to all the hacks listed in this article through the Call of Duty Mobile mod files. These mod files come in different versions such as root and no root. Hence, choose the one as per your requirements.

To install the Call of Duty Mobile mods on your Android, you need to install the apk file as well as the OBB file. The .obb file is a pack of a large number of files stored by the app into the phone storage. So, let us look at the process to install Call of Duty mod files.

  • Download the Call of Duty mobile hack mod from the link given below.
  1. Download Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk: No Root.
  2. Download Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk: Only Root.
  • Go to File Manager and search the Call of Duty apk file.

  • Click to install the apk file on the device. Also, go to SettingsSafety And Privacy→  enable the Install Apps From Unknown Source.

For OBB File

  • Click here to download the OBB file.
  • Go to File ManagerAndroidOBB→And extract the OBB file to a folder named com.activision.callofduty.shooter.

  • Once done, now you can enjoy all the call of Duty hacks mentioned in this article.

Final Words

Well, this guide suggests some amazing Call of Duty hacks for the player to enjoy the unfair advantage in the game. And these methods can let you win your favorite Battle Royale for sure. However, playing a game using cheats can ruin the real struggle and experience of the game. Also, it is not safe as this could lead to a ban on your account forever. Hence, make the right choice.