100 Best WhatsApp Dare Games 2022 [Funny & Tough]

Hey Guys, are you looking for some quirky ways to spill out the truth from your crush? Or Just a fun way to annoy your Best friends? Whatsapp dare games have always been fun for everyone. However, it comes with a price, as you may need to speak up the truth or perform a task unwillingly. Anyway, the entertainment and fun never subside their way. Therefore, today we are going to help you with some interesting, cool, funny dare games for Whatsapp.

These dare games will genuinely create a strong bond among your friends and families. And apart from that, we also have a special section compiled with some hot Whatsapp dare questions for your crush and lovers. So stay tuned as you are going to have so much fun throughout this read.

Best WhatsApp Dare Games

If you are thinking of having some fun with your friends, relatives, and family. Then this well-curated list of some startling Whatsapp dare games will help you the most. Share this list with your friends and ask them to choose from the numbers, emojis, alphabets, etc. Once, they are done with their choice, share the answers to see their reactions to it.

  1. Choose your favorite emoji from this list and in return, you get to know who you are. Don’t you believe it, try it yourself.



? True friend.
❤ Sweetheart.
? Heart breaker
? Addict
? A true lover
? Hard worker
? Very Lazy
? Handsome
? Hot & Sexy
? Best Flirt

2. Choose an alphabet from the list and get some dare questions that you need to complete. Choose carefully.



A = Why do you avoid me?
B = I want to see my picture on your status.
C = Why do you hesitate in front of me?
D = Block me if you don’t like me.
E = I want a kiss.
F = Make a confession?
G = Do you like me?
H = Write my name in your status.
I = What thing do you find attractive in me?
J = Tell me your deepest secret.
K = Who is your crush?
L = How you describe our relationship.
M = Hug me.
N = Send me a heart if you love me.
O = Tell me your dark secret.
P = Which quality do you like the most in me?
Q = Which quality do you hate the most in me?
R = Rate my looks out of 10.
S = When you first saw me, what did you think of me?
T = Chat with me for 2 hours.
U = Send me your best picture.
V = Make a collage with our pictures and put it on your status.
W = Why you don’t talk to me?
X = What’s your relationship status?
Y = Do you care about me?
Z = What thing do you find attractive in my looks?

3. Dare: Choose any number from 1 – 50?  #whatsapp_dare

Answer :

1?:: Say “I LOVE YOU” 100 times…
2?:: Change your WhatsApp DP into my pic for 1 day…
3?:: Call me and tell me” I LOVE YOU”.
4?:: Spend the whole day with me…
5?:: Treat me with a KFC bucket…
6?:: Post my pic at the moment and say “I MISS YOU”…
7?:: Give me your FB id…
8?:: You are lucky. So there is no dare for u…
9?:: Recharge of the one-month net pack to my number ……
10?:: Say “I LIKE YOU” with my name in status…
11?:: You run and marry a boy.
12?:: Kiss me on my cheeks.
13?:: Who am I for u?
14?:: Describe me in a word…
15?:: When you are free call me and tell me ‘I love u’ for 5 times.
16?:: Send me ur cute pic…
17?:: Kiss me on my lips and tell me who am I to you?
18?:: Post your gf/bf pic…
19?:: Change your DP into your gf/bf pic for 1 day…
20?:: Give me your girlfriends num…
21?:: Create a song for me and sing it to me…
22?:: Who is ur second crush???
23?:: Change your DP into my pic for 1 day…
24?:: Say “I MISS YOU” 50 times…
25?:: How will u propose to me?
26?:: Make my pic as your WhatsApp DP for 2 days…
27?:: Write my name with  on your Whatsaap status…
28?:: “I AM MAD” Put this as your WhatsApp status for 1 day…
29?:: Take a pic of u now & and send it to me…& What are ur feelings on me?
30?:: Send me ur shirtless pic…
31?:: You are lucky. So there is no dare for u…
32?:: Give me a hug with 100 kisses…
33?:: Buy me 2 Cadbury chocolates…
34?:: Call me and tell me I love u…
35?:: Send me your crush’s pic…
36?:: Write my name with ur name in what’s up for 1 day…
37?:: Call me and give 100 kisses…
38?:: Tell me one thing that u never tell anyone…
39?:: You are lucky. So there is no dare for u…
40?:: Tell me a secret about u…
41?:: Tell your secret about your relationship between you and your gf/bf…
42?:: Set a DP with you and another person he/she, not ur BF/GF…
43?:: ask me a question…
44?:: Tell me something that u want to tell me but u couldn’t…
45?:: What is in your mind now???
46?:: Give me your hp number…
47?:: Tell about ur crush…
48?:: Put my name and say “SAYANG I LOVE YOU”…
49?:: What are ur feelings about me?
50?:: You are lucky. So there is no dare for u…

4. Answer the following questions and come up with some unique answers. Remember these questions are tricky. So answer carefully. Let’s see how many answers you can get correctly.

  1. Which is the most shocking city in the world?
  2. What’s come down but never goes up?
  3. Where the first potato found?
  4. If money starts growing on trees, what happens?

Answers :

  1. Electricity.
  2. Rain.
  3. On the ground.
  4. Girls will be dating Monkeys.

5. Plz select one no. and I will tell u why people love u?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Reply fast…


  1. Good looking
  2. Shy nature
  3. Awesome
  4. Talkative
  5. Good dressing sense
  6. Hairstyle
  7. Caring person

6. Select your Blood Group and know about your Personality.

Reply Must

  1. A+
  2. A-
  3. B+
  4. B-
  5. AB+
  6. AB-
  7. O+
  8. O-


  1. A+. Attractive
  2. A-. Lovely
  3. B+. Innocent
  4. B-. Boring
  5. AB+. Bold
  6. AB-. Besharam
  7. O+. Beautiful
  8. O-. Unique

7. Select a ❤️and I will give you a dare ?

❤️1 ❤️2 ❤️3 ❤️4 ❤️5 ❤️6 ❤️7 ❤️8 ❤️9 ❤️10


1. Use my pic as your WhatsApp story for one day ?

2. purpose me ?

3. Tell me your biggest secret ?

4. Tell me the name of your crush ❤️

5. Write “getting married” in your WhatsApp status ??‍?

6. Send me your funniest pic ?

7. First thing you notice in me when you meet me first ?

8. Tell me the name of your BF/GF. ?

9.  What is your memorable day ?

10.  50 rs. recharge on my number ?

8. Choose a triple number then I will tell you who you are. You don’t believe it? Then try it. You gonna believe it.
1. 000
2. 111
3. 222
4. 333
5. 444
6. 555
7. 666
8. 777
9. 888
10. 999


000 – Hard Worker.
111 – True Lover.
222 – Cheater.
333 – Addict
444 – Silent Killer.
555 – Lazy In Bed.
666 – Handsome.
777 – Proud And Sweet.
888 – Lovely & Caring.
999 – Proud And Sweet.

9. Dare: Choose a number, from 1-10 and see what dare you get to perform. Once chosen you cannot back out.

  1. What am I to you??
  2. What’s your deepest secret? <3
  3. Send me a voice note saying my name in a loud voice! (y)
  4. Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn’t
  5. How would you describe me?
  6. Be my slave for 2 days
  7. Send me a picture of what you’re doing now.
  8. Write your phone number in your status
  9. Send me your favorite shorts pic?
  10. Tell me one thing you have never told anyone

10. Select any of these books:

  1. ?
  2. ?
  3. ?
  4. ?
  5. ?
  6. ?


  1. ?: You love me
  2. ?: Timepass
  3. ?: You’re playing with me
  4. ?: You need me
  5. ?: You are addicted to me
  6. ?: I’m nothing for you


11. Dare: Choose any one of your Lucky numbers?

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #0


#1 What kind of relationship do you expect from me?
#2 Tell something which you do not like in me!
#3 Write a Whatsapp status for me for the next 12 hours!
#4 Call me and sing a song 4 me!
#5 What you like the most in me?
#6 Rate me as a friend from 3 to 9
#7 Rs 10.5 recharge on my phone
#8 Tell me your relationship status-Single, Committed, Complicated, Engaged, Married, Divorced
#9 Tell me your boyfriend/girlfriend’s name.
#0 Rate me in looks from 1 to 99.

12. If I will go so far from you forever then which the last word you want to say to me. Pick a word from the bellow list.

  • God will be with you always.
  • I can’t live without you.
  • I love you.
  • I miss you so much.
  • God bless you.
  • Don’t return again.
  • Just go.
  • I don’t care.
  • Don’t forget me.
  • I will always be there for you.
  • Don’t go.
  • I will go with you.

Whatsapp Dare Games For Friends

As you may be looking for some witty dare games for friends. We have compiled a list of games that you will find fascinating as well as entertaining at the same time. So, enjoy this section with dare games for friends, guys, and girls.

  1. Choose any one Mobile function from the given list and I will tell you about how will be your life partner

1) Messaging ????
2) Contacts ☎
3) Camera ????
4) Media ????
5) Apps ????
6) Settings ????


1) Messaging: Loving and Caring
2) Contacts: Very talkative and Bold
3) Gallery: Romantic and Deep Thinker
4) Media: Social and Funny
5) Apps: Boring and Selfish
6) Settings: Irritating

2. Answer these questions in 2 minutes. It’s a fun game.

1. How do we meet?
2. Where did you first see me?
3. Who am I to you?
4. Do you trust me?
5. First impression when you saw the first time.
6. My name on your phone.
7. What thing do you dislike in my attitude?
8. One-word to describes me.
9. What thing do you like about my character?
10. Can I share your answer on my WhatsApp story?

Interesting right? Send your friends and get some interesting answers but first reply to me.
Send me too if you find me your friend.

3. Select anyone and reply within 2 minutes.



??: Propose Me.
??: Get Me Recharge of 100rs.
??: Come to a Party with Me.
✊✊: Kiss Me.
??: Post I Love You status for 2 days on your Facebook timeline.
??: Give me a Tight Hug.
??: Send me your Worst Pic.
??: Tell me the best you see in me.
??: Tell me, What you hate most in me?
??: Put My DP on your WhatsApp for 2 days.
??: Tell me who is the ugliest girl in our class.
✌✌: Send Me I love You 5 Times ❤
☝☝: Tell me the name of all your Crushes till now.

4. Choose a number between 1 to 10

Then I will send a dare that you have to complete for me.

And I put that on my status if you want. Try it.


  1. Your relationship with me.
  2. Write my name on your WhatsApp status for 24 hours.
  3. Rate me as a friend from 5 to 10
  4. Tell me about your relationship status.
  5. Tell me your crush name.
  6. Tell me your GF/BF name.
  7. Send me a voice record and sing a song.
  8. Make a collage of our pic and make your Dp.
  9. Chat with me for 30 minutes.
  10. Recharge. (Rs 50)

Dare Game Quizzes

Here are some quizzes to check your friends’ IQ levels. So, just go through your contact list and send these to your friends to enjoy their amazing reactions.

1. Rearrange these : (Hint – 10 Daily life things)

  1. ckwcloall
  2. akoeofbc
  3. nilegnifac
  4. mresceboeinl
  5. rsiomagsrlr
  6. bhtdeees
  7. ptapwash
  8. orimrr
  9. bkoo

Answers: Wants to know answers to the given quiz? Here they are…

  1. Wall Clock
  2. Facebook
  3. Ceiling Fan
  4. Mobile Screen
  5. Mirror Glass
  6. Bedsheet
  7. Sunlight
  8. Mirror
  9. Book

2. Quiz Dare:- You have to Solve below given WhatsApp Quiz in 5 minutes.

For example:

  1. Question: 26 L of the A
  2. Answer: 26 Letters of the Alphabet

Now, it’s your turn. Solve below given 10 Quiz as fast as you can.


1. 206 B in a B

2. 24 H in a D

3 . 18 H on a G C

4 . 7 W of the W

5. 6 B in an O

6. 52 C in a P

7. 7 D of the W

8. 5 F on an H

9. 64 S on CB

10. 12 S of the Z


  1. 206 Bones in Body
  2. 24 Hours in a Day
  3. 18 Holes on a Golf Course
  4. 7 Wonders of the World
  5. 6 Balls in an Over
  6. 52 Cards in Pack
  7. 7 Days of the Week
  8. 5 Fingers of Hand
  9. 64 Squares of Chess Board
  10. 12 Signs of Zodiac

3. Check If there is any mistake here :

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. E
  6. F
  7. G
  8. H
  9. I
  10. J
  11. K
  12. L
  13. M
  14. N
  15. O
  16. P
  17. Q
  18. R
  19. S
  20. T
  21. U
  22. V
  23. W
  24. X
  25. Y
  26. Z

Have you got a mistake from the above? I guess, no :-P.

Answer: Let me tell you the answer. Mistake: Mistake (first line).

4. Guess What I am?

I am 5 letters word.
Everybody wants to eat me.
If you remove my first alphabet, Then I become one kind of energy.
If you remove my first 2 alphabets then You need me to survive.
If you remove my first 3 letters, I will be a proposition and near you!
If you remove my first 4 alphabets, I will a drink.
What I am?

Answers: WHEAT

I am 5 letters word = WHEAT
Everybody wants to eat me.
If you remove my first alphabet, Then I become one kind of energy. = HEAT
If you remove my first 2 alphabets then You need me to survive. = EAT
If you remove my first 3 letters, I will be a proposition and near you! = AT
If you remove my first 4 alphabets, I will a drink. = T ( TEA ).

Whatsapp Dare Questions

While we have given you some unique dare games to go for when bored. You can also try out these amazing and intriguing dare questions and make your friends perform the task after that.

1. Dare: Tell your Friends they need to pick their favorite Alphabet. Once, they select the one, send them the list with all the possible and yet funny dares they have to perform.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z


A: Update your WhatsApp status as “I’m Mad”.

B: Send me a picture of your hands.

C: Flirt with me for the next 15 minutes.

D: Recharge me for 100 Rs.

E: Tell me the name of your crush.

F: Change your WhatsApp DP to my picture.

G: Say I Love You in a voice note.

H: Gift me a pair of shoes.

I: Propose me in your style.

J: Tell me a joke.

K: Send the last 5 pictures from your camera roll.

M: Name of your Ex?

N: What is your relationship status.

O: Act as my Slave for the next 10 days.

P: Don’t message me until you take a bath next time.

Q: Tell me one secret.

R: Describe our relationship with a movie name.

S: Sing a song and send it as a voice note.

T: What do you eat today?

U: What do you think about me when you met me for the very first time.

V: How much money do you have in your wallet now?

W: Say the Remaining balance on your mobile phone right now.

X: Send the screenshot of your phone’s home screen.

Y: Dance for 10 seconds and send me that video.

Z: Write “Champ” on your left hand and show me when we meet next time.

2. A daring game! Its gonna lots of fun.

Reply to me first. Then if you want you can send m too. Reply Fast.

Choose a word from the list.

  1. FE
  2. NF
  3. NE
  4. OE
  5. PE
  6. JD
  7. NS
  8. FN
  9. IW
  10. NV
  11. NA


  1. Your biggest secret.
  2. Buy 10 chocolate for me.
  3. 100 rs recharge on my phone.
  4. Kiss me when we meet.
  5. Describe me in one word.
  6. Sing a song and send me a voice clip.
  7. Make my picture on your DP for 1 day.
  8. When we meet hug me.
  9. Send a picture of you.
  10. Call me now.
  11. Talk to me for 1 hour.

3. Choose any random alphabet from A to J and I will send some dares to you.

A B C D E F G H I J . . .


A = Write my name on your status or story.

B = Call me at 12.00 am.

C = Send me your clear photo.

D = Tell me a secret of your life.

E= Tell me your wild fantasy.

F = Tell me your crush’s name.

G = Write ‘I am in a new relationship’ in your status.

H = Give me a special treat.

I = What do you think about myself?

J = Confess your deepest secret.

Cool Dare Games For Crush

So, here I am sharing some cool dare games to try out on your crush. This can be a chance to let him/her know how eagerly you have waited for them. Besides, there are high chances that they may end up confessing their love to you.

⇒ Pick a number from below and I’ll text you what you are.

  1. 99
  2. 88
  3. 77
  4. 66
  5. 55
  6. 44
  7. 33
  8. 22
  9. 11
  10. 00


00 Works hard.

11 Is loving and caring.

22 Will be a silent killer.

33 Your true love.

44 Has cheated before.

55 Is addicted to sex.

66 Breaks people’s hearts.

77 Great in bed.

88 Doesn’t work hard at all.

99 Sexy.

2. Select any one option from the given list and I will tell you who I am for you.

  1. Dairy Milk
  2. Cold Coffee
  3. Pizza
  4. Cigarette
  5. Chocolates
  6. Pastries
  7. Chips…


  1. You love me
  2. Time Pass.
  3. We are friends.
  4. Do you need me?
  5. Good friends for life: -x
  6. Addicted to me.
  7. Can’t live without me.

3. Who am I to you? A pizza ?, beer ?, lollipop ?, banana ?, cigarette ?, drugs ?, or a pain killer ?? Pick your answer and I’ll tell you the meaning.

  • Pizza: We’re good friends who like to hang out with each other.
  • Beer: We like to spend time together and chill just to let the time pass.
  • Lollipop: We’re best friends!
  • Banana: We’re friends for the fun! And maybe benefits…
  • Cigarette: You are addicted to me.
  • Drugs: You can’t live without me.
  • Pain killer: You need me.

4. If you had a chance to steal one thing from me or my life, Then what is that?

Send it to your friends and get some interesting answers. But first, answer me.

Can I put your answer on my Whatsapp status?

Hot Dare Games to Play with Girlfriend

Are you looking for a way to spice up things among your crush or lovers? Well, if you really want to know the intentions of the other person then surely try these out. You can add some fun to your long-distance relationship as well.

⇒ Pick a number between 20 and 30! You’ll get a hot dare or a question back.


  • 20: It’s true! What’s your craziest one-night stand story?
  • 21: It’s a dare! Send me a picture you don’t want anyone to see.
  • 22: Truth: Tell me, what is your biggest secret?
  • 23: Dare: Order a sex toy online and send me proof.
  • 24: Truth: What do you want me to do to you the next time we meet?
  • 25: Dare: I dare you to call me and turn me on.
  • 26: Truth: What are the things you like most about my personality?
  • 27: Dare: Make a duck face photo and send it to me.
  • 28: Truth: What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done sexually?
  • 29: Truth: Would you rather give or receive pleasure?
  • 30: Dare: Send me a voice message of you screaming my name.

⇒ Choose one of these emoji’s: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ❤️, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?. You’ve got to complete a dare depending on the emoji!


  • ? Oh, are you turned on? Seduce me!
  • ? Playing it safe, are we? Answer this: what’s the hottest fantasy you have?
  • ? I’m curious, what do you like most about me?
  • ? Tell me your figure.
  • ? What’s your naughtiest secret?
  • ? Kiss me the next time we meet.
  • ❤️ What turns you on?
  • ? Bottoms up! Write my name on your status for 6 hours.
  • ? Interesting choice, now tell me… How big is it / are they?
  • ? How do you feel about me?
  • ? I will ask you three questions which you have to answer honestly.
  • ? Call me and say “I love you”.

Adult Dare Games to play on WhatsApp

Now things can get a little quirky and even heat you up. Are you ready to get some adult dare games to bring the fun back in your relationship?

⇒ Choose a number between 22 and 33!


  • 22: Never Have I Ever… cheated.
  • 23: Never Have I Ever… tasted myself.
  • 24: Never Have I Ever… had to fake it.
  • 25: Never Have I Ever… licked food off someone.
  • 26: Never Have I Ever… been skinny dipping.
  • 27: Never Have I Ever… taken nudes.
  • 28: Never Have I Ever… slept with someone because of a dare.
  • 29: Never Have I Ever… lied about my virginity.
  • 30: Never Have I Ever… had an open relationship.
  • 31: Never Have I Ever… used others for my pleasure.
  • 32: Never Have I Ever… made any naughty videos.
  • 33: Never Have I Ever… lied in this game.

⇒ Choose your desired amount of hearts and you’ll receive a dare back from me. Remember, you can’t back out!

  • ?
  • ??
  • ???
  • ????
  • ?????


    • ? Make my name as your status and say you want to marry me.
    • ?? Send a naughty picture.
    • ??? Speak about me in a video for at least one minute.
    • ???? Flirt with me. ?
    • ????? Video call me and seduce me!

Funny WhatsApp Dare Games

And finally, here are some amazingly witty and funny Whatsapp dare games to make your friends and you to laugh and cherish those memories.

⇒ Write your name in the Japanese Language? :::: And Send me your funny Japanese name.?

A = ka ; B = tu ;C = mi ; D = te ; E = ku ;
F = lu ; G = ji ; H = ri ; I = ki ; J = zu
K = me ; L = ta ; M = rin ; N = to ; O = mo
P = no ; Q = ke ; R = ke ; S = ari ; T = chi
U = do ; V = ru ; W = mei ; X=na ; Y=fu ; Z=zi

Don’t forget to send your name in this language,? It is actually Japanese.?

⇒ Send these Dare questions to your friends and ask them to reply in just 2 minutes. It is a dare.

  1. Your relationship status.
  2. Your crush name.
  3. Your partner’s name.
  4. which thing do you like in me the most?
  5. what thing do you hate in my attitude?
  6. your best friend’s name.
  7. Your deepest secret.
  8. Have you ever kiss the same gender.
  9. Describe me in a movie title.
  10. I can put your answer on my story?

Final Words

So, these were some stunning compilations of Whatsapp dare games. These dare games will definitely bring out the spark among your friends and close ones. And in the case of lovers and crushes, well, you never know you might get lucky. Henceforth, do try these out and see what secrets your beloved are hiding from you and have some fun with this list.