14 Best Subtitles Sites To Download Movies, TV Shows Subtitles

What can be a better way to watch Parasite- the Oscar award-winning movie with great subtitles. Right? But are you having trouble selecting the appropriate site for the best subtitles sites? Then worry not, as this guide is truly based on the description of the safe and trustable sites for subtitles that you are looking for.


Best Sites To Download Movies Subtitles

Subtitles are the text derived from the screenplay of the dialogues in movies, TV shows, commentary, and many other forms of programs. The subtitles are displayed at the bottom of the screen to help you enjoy the movie without any interruption.

Watching movies and TV shows are an awesome way to explore different cultures and tradition of several countries. And subtitles are always helpful when you are having trouble with the language of the movie or the accent of the actor. Also, you get to learn and expand your knowledge with subtitles as well.

To find the actual and harmless site for subtitles is not that tough. Hence, without any further ado let us explore some best subtitles sites that can help you get your hands over those subtitles you have been looking for.

1. English-Subtitles

English-Subtitles is a popular site for subtitles. Here, you can find a lot of subtitles repositories for different movies and TV Series from all around the world. This site provides subtitles for movies from basically all the eras. It also offers subtitles for the latest movies to old 60s too. Isn’t that amazing?

English-subtitles has a great amount of TV Series options too like Lucifer, Arrow, etc. This site is easy to use and HTTPS secured so you can download your subtitles without any fear.

2. YIFY Subtitles

YIFY subtitles is a well-known piracy group with the latest collection of movies. This subtitles site also offers a huge amount of subtitles for any movies that you are looking for. It is easy to navigate the site while looking for different genre and languages. This site also offers a simple way to select the preferred language at the top of the website. However, YIFY offers subtitles only for movies.

Although there are piracy rules, YIFY subtitles are safe and easy to use the website. The homepage reveals the latest release and movies in different languages and genre. Also, the search bar on this site will let you explore the movies you have been searching for.

3. Subscene

With a huge collection of subtitles, Subscene has always been a popular choice of users. This site offers subtitles of different genre movies as well as web series from around the world. One of the USP of this site is that it allows downloading for hearing impaired people.

Here, even the user can upload subtitles just like the owner of the site. Also, this site allows you to request subtitle i.e., you can easily request your desired subtitle not available on the site.

4. Subtitle Seeker

If you are looking for some English movie subtitles then Subtitle Seeker is the best fit for you. Unlike other sites, this site gradually combines subtitles from different sources and makes it available on its site. Moreover, it has a vast range of movies and TV series subtitles with it.

And all the files available are in .srt format. Also, the home page of this site offers a search box and a list of subtitles of the latest release. Hence, this can be the best source of finding subtitles for the movies you are looking for.

5. Podnapisi

Podnapisi is a site that possesses over 2 million subtitles combining approx. 60,000 movies and +6500 TV series in 100 languages. This is a well-sorted website working according to user demand. And you can also find the ratings on these files based on the quality it offers.

The homepage consists of a classified section of movies list from recent downloads to latest uploads. Also, it has the most downloaded and most commented category as well.

6. Open Subtitles

Open Subtitles is a site with a vast database of subtitles available which is around 5 million. This site covers subtitles of around 50 languages and also allows the search of any language needed. It has a simple interface that has upload date, reviews and ratings of the quality of the subtitles.

It also has an advanced search bar with filters like years, genre, seasons, etc. This is by far the best subtitles site to exists.

7. iSubtitles

iSubtitles gives you a chance to choose from many subtitles files available for one single movie. With the preview section, subtitles can be previewed before download. Just like other sites, there is a search bar at the top of the page that allows you to search for the accurate movie one is looking for. There is an IMDB rating available for all the movies. And the movies are sorted according to the genre, country, etc.

8. Addic7ed

Addic7ed serves the purpose of providing a massive collection of subtitles of movies and TV series likewise. Once registered to this site, you are free to download as many subtitles as you wish. Besides, this site offers subtitles from old movies to the latest release. This site has an easy and convenient search bar similar to other sites.

It has a wide variety of subtitles for movies of different genre. However, there is a request forum that allows requesting movie subtitles if not available on the site.

14 Free Subtitles Sites For Movies and TV Shows

Subtitles are not only considered with foreign languages but also considered better than dubbing. And that is why we have explained some of the best sites for subtitles. However, if you are still looking for more such sites then this list can help. Here are some other subtitles sites that can also be accessed for movies as well as TV shows.

  1. Megasubtitles
  2. Subdivx
  3. TVsubtitles
  4. TVsubs
  5. Downsub
  6. MySubtitles
  7. iSubtitles
  8. Moviessubtitles
  9. Open Subtitles
  10. Divx Movies
  11. Subtitle Box
  12. Addict7ed
  13. Subtitle Seeker
  14. Divx Subtitles

Final Words

So, this article is full of best subtitles sites that you can try out at your convenience. However, some sites can give you a hard time with the infinite number of ads on their sites. Hence, it is recommended to block those ads and have a great time accessing subtitles for the movies you like. And explore the world of movies.