20 Best ROM Sites for Free Download in 2022

Classics are love and that is why classics are above all. Being a fan of Super Mario myself I do know what it feels like to have a perfect weekend playing these old games again. However, it is quite impossible to have a hand on those old consoles these days. And thereby ROM sites are the best possible ways to play those childhood games again. That is too hassle-free. So, here is a list of the 20 best ROM sites available that you can use to play safe.

Free ROM Sites in 2022

When you search on the internet for the ROM sites, you’ll be flooded with loads of options. However, the priority is to look for the safest option. Going for an untrusted site can harm your system. Hence, take a look at the below-mentioned list to learn the best and safe ROM sites available.

1. Gamulator

Gamulator is the most popular newer generation ROM and emulator downloading site. It has the largest collection of ROMs all over the Internet. Also, there is a regular update to their games list. Besides, this site provides ROMs for all types of consoles available. For instance, GameBoy(GB), GameBoyColor(GBC) ROMs,  SNES ROMs, etc. It also provides emulators for those ROM games as well.

The safety measures on this site are remarkable. You can download these game ROMs through direct as well as manager-based options. And this enhances safety and download speed. Besides, the search bar will never disappoint you to get the game without even knowing its full name. Doesn’t it sound like the best and safest ROM site?

2. Romsmania

As the name suggests, Romsmania is full of game ROMs. It also comprises a list of top 100 game ROMs that are trending. Also, you can find a massive collection of ROMs and emulators to download on this site. Besides, it has an easy browsing interface where you can browse any particular games easily through its search bar. And it is pretty safe to use this site. Moreover, you can even play online games here.

3. Retrostic

Retrostic is yet another best ROM site available. Most likely this site also covers most of the retro games and emulators for different consoles. You can get ROMs for NDS, SNES, N64, and much more. So, no doubt you will find any retro games you are searching for. The files hosted through this site are legit and safe. Hence, you just need to download the ROM through your console and you are all set to enjoy the game.

4. Cool ROM

CoolROM is one of the safest and most popular ROM websites on the Internet. It has more than thousands of games and emulators. And no doubt you will find the ROM you have been looking for. If you love classic games, then this site is exclusively designed for you.

Also, it consists of screenshots, ratings, reviews, and other detail about those classic games. Furthermore, you can also learn about some new games through their recommendation section. And lastly, it does not mislead through any ads hence it is safe to use.

5. Vimm’s Liar

Vimm’s Liar comes next in the list. It is a classic website having all the classic game ROMs and emulators. One of its best features is that this site keeps away the annoying ads for you.

Also, you get the reviews, ratings, and much more on it. Besides, searching the games on this site is quite easy. It gets regular updates with new uploads. So, you can download the game of your choice and play trouble-free.

6. ROM World

ROM World is also a website that consists of numerous gaming ROMs and emulators. Also, it has no ads and that makes it the best choice of all. It provides ROMs for all the gaming consoles and OS.

It has legal content that can be downloaded easily and for free. Moreover, it offers several tutorials for its users on different topics. For instance, you can find tutorials on “How to Play MAME games on iOS and Android devices”. Thereby, this is the best option available to download ROM for your games without any fear.

7. Rom Hustler

ROM Hustler is one of the best ROM sites, namely, next on the list. It keeps you away from all the malware and spyware. It also has a vast collection of ROMs and emulators. And surely is it a well-known name among retro game fans.

It recommends you ROMs according to its customer ratings and votes. Hence, you are free to decide accordingly as to what ROM or emulator to opt for.

8. Emuparadise

Lastly, Emuparadise is also a popular ROM site available for classic game lovers. It provides ROMs, Emulators, ISO, Guides, and music files as well. Apart from that it also offers online games on its site.

The user interface is quite easy to use. Hence, you can download ROMs easily and with legit links. Also, it uses the best security features to keep away malware, viruses, or other threats.

20 Best ROM Sites that are Safe and Trusted

Here, we are giving you the list and links of around safe ROM sites that you can totally rely on for those old-school games.

  1. Gamulator
  2. Romsmania
  3. Restrostic
  4. CoolROM
  5. Vimm’s Lair
  6. Rom World
  7. ROM Hustler
  8. Emuparadise
  9. Garoms
  10. Nitroblog
  11. Dope ROM
  12. The Eye
  13. Emulator Zone
  14. RomUlation
  15. Rom Nation
  16. Portal ROMs
  17. ROMs Universe
  18. CDRomance
  19. Wowroms
  20. SonyISOs

Final words

The list mentioned in this article is all safe to use and some of the best ROM sites available. Hence, you can use these links to access all the retro games and classics. Also, you need to be aware of some corrupted ROM sites out there. Those can actually do damage to your system. Therefore, choose the genuine site mentioned above to play those old games.