12 Best Music Players for Android [Free & Paid]

In today’s post, we will discuss the best music player for Android devices. Listening to music is undoubtedly one of the oldest but still the most effective way to relax our mind. The way we listen to music has changed from time to time, earlier people used to listen to music on your TV, but now we can enjoy different music on our smartphone using music players. But which music player is best for our Android device? 

All the apps and platforms that we are going to mention below are trustable, therefore you can completely rely on them when it comes to the matter of privacy. So, sit back, make yourself ready for relaxing your mind through different music. 

Best Music Players For Android in 2021

Music has become an important aspect of everyone’s life. No matter if we are sad, happy, depressed, or feeling grateful, we love to listen to music in every mode. But the thing that is stopping Android users from enjoying their favorite music, is the default music player that comes along with their smartphone.

The default music player doesn’t give you advanced features like adjusting stereo and bass. And because of this reason, we are going to mention the best music player for Android. 

1. VLC

VLC is the first and foremost name that comes to everyone’s mind whenever we talk about a media player. The VLC media player is compatible with both Android as well as PC.

Some of the highlighting features of the VLC media player are, play audio and video file of any format, subtitle supported, and Closed captions. Using VLC, you can just not only play audio files but also video files. File formats such as MKV, Avi, MOV, Ogg, M2TS, and AAC are easily supported in VLC.

2. Poweramp Music Player

With a user rating of 4.4 on the Play Store, Poweramp Music Player is a very popular music player for your Android device. The new updated UI is very simple and eye-catching.

Now you will find a completely new audio engine in this app. Some more exciting features about this app are updated equalizer, tone, and stereo. You can also choose between dark and light themes. 

3. Phonograph

The phonograph is one of the newest additions to our list. The UI is very simple and realistic. And it makes the app easy to use and less complicated.

The app will automatically get all the information related to different songs such as its artist name, artist photograph, and many more things. The color of the app UI keeps changing regularly to match the mood of your song. 

4. Pi Music Player

Pi Music Player is one of the most popular MP3 players for Android devices. The UI is very beautiful and helps in giving you extraordinary feedback. The layouts are also very clean and crystal clear that will help you to enjoy this app to the fullest.

Some exciting features that you get along with this app are, equalizer, make any MP3 file into your mobile ringtone, eye-catchy animations, and music change transition. 

5. Pulsar Music Player

With a user rating of 4.7 on the Play Store, Pulsar Music Player is one of the highest-rated music players on our list. According to developers, this app contains all the necessary features that will help you to enhance your music experience.

The user interface is also very gorgeous and looks realistic. On this app, you can run audio of different formats like MP3, FLAC, Wav, Ogg, aac, and many more.

6. Musicana Music Player

Musicana Music Player is one of the newest music players that has been able to make its position on our list. This app will help you to listen to online music and music available on your device.

Some exciting features that you get along with this app are, lyrics finder, song identifier, superior equalizer, and multiple language support. You can also buy the pro subscription of this app that costs $2/month. 

7. Retro Music Player

Retro Music Player completely justifies its name. It gives a complete retro look to your music player. The interface is very colorful and looks stunning. You can choose between different themes that include, only white, just black, and kinda dark.

Using this music player you can also download the lyrics of your MP3 songs. Additionally, this music player also supports Bluetooth and a headset. 

8. Eon Music Player

Eon Music Player is again a new MP3 player on our list. Regardless of its small size, Eon Music Player is feature-packed and gives you a clean user experience.

Some exciting features that you get along with this app are Equalizer, quick navigation, creating and editing a playlist, and unified search. The audio files that are supported in this music player are MP3, aac, m4a, FLAC, Ogg, and wav.

9. Abbey Music Player

Abbey Music Players have a 4.3 user rating on the play store and their motto is to provide a simple and beautiful interface to their users. The key features of this app are, lyrics finder, adding a sleep timer, customizing background color, adding white noise, equalizer, cutting your audio file for making it as your ringtone, and many more. 

10. Rocket Music Player

Rocket Music Player is the last name to complete our list. And it is definitely a rocket when it comes to the matter of providing an excellent music player. On this media player, you get the option of more than 30 themes, finding the details about the song, Chromecast support, Android Auto support, and many more exciting things.

Audio files that are supported in this music player are Ogg, aac, m4a, FLAC, WMA, WV, ape, tta, and many more. 

12 Music Player Apps For Android

The choice of the music player is endless for Android. So, if none of the above-mentioned music players matches your needs, then you can try the music players that we are going to mention below. 

  1. GoneMAD Music Player
  2. Music Player
  3. Google Play Music
  4. Default Music Player
  5. Music Player – MP3 Player
  6. Musicolet Music Player
  7. Wynk Music
  8. Omnia Music Player
  9. Music Player Mezzo
  10. Vanilla Music
  11. Vinyl Music Player
  12. APlayer


Music is something whose craze is never going to end, but in fact, it’s increasing day by day. Now people can enjoy their favorite music through their music players present on their Android device. And looking at this, we have mentioned the best music player for Android that you can try. 

So, that’s all for this post. Let us know which music player you are going to try for enjoying your favorite music. You can also share your doubt and feedback regarding this post in the comments section.