17 Best Browsers For Roku [Private and Fast]

Most Roku users were eager to use the Internet on their Roku device for many years. But, this came as a disappointment to them that Roku had no dedicated internet browser. But now this has become possible to browse the Internet/web on Roku. In this article, we have addressed this issue and presented the best browsers for Roku. This article talks about the different browsers which can be accessed while using the Roku device. Read till the end of the article to know the top 10 best browsers which can be accessed using a Roku device.

What is a Roku Device?

Roku is the name of the company which pioneered streaming for Television and is now a popular digital platform It allows the user to stream and access a variety of online platforms. It was launched in May 2008. Using Roku is very convenient as well as cost-effective.

All you need to do is plug it into your TV, connect it with the Internet and you are good to go. You can have to turn your Television into your steaming device and enhance your viewing experience.

As Roku doesn’t have any supported browser (native browser), you will have to use third-party web browsers to stream webpages. Below is a list that we have created keeping in mind the best browsers for Roku which can be used without any hindrance.

Best Browsers for Roku

We are spending more time in front of our screen than elsewhere, and thus knowing the best places worthy of our attention is extremely important. Let us now quickly look at some of the most liked all-time browsers for Roku.

1. Web Browser X 

There is no doubt regarding that one browser that tops the list. It is undoubtedly Web Browser X. What makes it the best browser for Roku is its straightforward interface which is pretty simple and easy to use.

If you are a big fan of the 1990s, this web browser will definitely impress you with its old-fashioned and classic interface. It has that old-school feeling, and by this I mean not only the user interface but the features as well.

You can easily navigate different web pages, but this browser won’t let you play music, so if you’re heading to play media or browse Youtube. it won’t be of much help.

It will struggle in such complex pages. In a way, it is pretty basic and does much of the job. Because anyways with the Roku device you can stream media contents on your TV screen.

2. Opera

Unlike the Web X browser, Opera is a fully featured browser. But, it too comes with a con. It can only be used when your streaming device is connected through a Windows laptop or PC. And for typing, you need to connect an external keyboard. In Contrast to the Web X browser, Opera is the modern sleek browser that is blazing-fast responsive and an extremely lightweight browser.

You can even stream YouTube through the Opera browser and its VPN feature allows you to stream any show you want, from anywhere in the world. The VPN also protects your identity online.

3.  POPRISM Web Browser

Another popular browser that allows you to browse the Internet through Roku is POPRISM Web Browser. PRISM Web Browser is a very basic browser that has a plain and kind of dull interface. It offers a standard browser more of a text-based browser.

When you visit any web page, you may face difficulty reading the words as they may be unformatted. For a majority of sites, this may be the wrong option. But if you just want to browse web pages to read the text, you can go for it. It is useful in that case but for graphics, pictures, and media it is not. In simple words, it is worst than Web browser X.

4. Web Video Caster

Web Video Caster allows you much more freedom than the POPRISM Web browser and Web browser X. It allows you to browse websites, watch TV shows, live streams, and many more. But the only down point is that it is a paid service and will cause a hole in your pocket, if not a big hole, at least a small hole can be expected.

It costs around 4.99$ subscription cost per month. Rounding it off, you will have to pay 5$ every month, but this will be worth it depending on the seamless experience it offers. It will enhance your streaming experience to the next level.

5. Media Browser for Roku

Media Browser for Roku is the only media browser supported by Roku. By using, media browser, even content-heavy websites can be easily streamed without any trouble. Every coin has two sides and so, using this browser is all great until you realize you won’t be able to play video on it.

6. Xfinity

A modern-day webpage supporting everything from web pages to music to videos, Xfinity has got it all covered. It also offers a single platform where varieties of music can be explored. All these music and videos all under the same umbrella.

7. Firefox

Firefox might be that one browser we all must have installed in our system. It is the most reliable as well as trusted browser. Firefox does come with a Roku version of the browser which makes the whole process even more secure and reliable.

Firefox was created by Mozilla to provide an alternative to slow browsers and trust me, it is a fast browser. Its lightning-fast speed is the cherry on top for Roku players. It definitely provides a better experience in terms of both audio and video content.

8. Acorn TV

In simple words, ACORN TV is a movie streaming platform with a huge collection of popular movies from Britain. Whatever genre you like, be it thriller, romantic, suspense, mystery, comedy, name it and ACORN TV has it.

It is hailed by NPR as the “Netflix for the Anglophile”. This browser has many more such laurels added and it is the most liked OTT platform in the United Kingdom. This website has a huge variety of shows which is enough to keep the viewer engaged to months if not years.

9. Sky News

There is no competitor even close to this browser when it comes to news service. Sky News is simply unrivaled and is on a different landmark altogether. Sky News is the first 24 hours dedicated news channel in the UK.

It not only provides the information but also insights on a particular topic. The Sky News service on Roku provides its user with 24-hour access to the news channel.

10. The Roku Channel

Last, but not least we present you with the browser which was named exclusively after Roku. This website keeps on evolving just like we humans.

This browser enables you to play videos, browse through websites and do a lot more activity. If you are looking forward to a free and premium TV to move along with you wherever you go, the Roku channel is your best buddy, you have been searching for too long.

Top 17 Roku Web Browsers

Now, have a look at these browsers, they are amazing and trustworthy:

  1. Web Browser X
  2. Opera
  3. POPRISM Web Browser
  4. Web Video Caster
  5. Media Browser for Roku.
  6. Xfinity
  7. Firefox
  8. Acorn TV
  9. Sky News
  10. The Roku Channel
  11. FilmRise
  12. Deezer
  13. Crunchyroll
  14. Disney Plus
  15. Stirr
  16. Netflix
  17. STV Player


We hope this article helped you to know about the different options that you have, in case you want to browse the browser using the Roku Device. Do try one of these best browsers for Roku and reply in the comments if that browser was useful. Also, you always have the option of screen mirroring directly from your phone or computer. Keep browsing your favorite content and help us know how much were we successful in answering your queries.