Free Avast Premier License Keys 2023 [100% Working]

The name of Avast is involved in the list of top antiviruses for your device. However, you can’t enjoy all the features of Avast on their free subscription. You will have to take their paid subscription for enjoying their premium services. But, taking a premium subscription can be costly for some people. But worry not, as we are going to provide a list of working Avast premier license keys. By redeeming these license keys you can unlock Avast premium. So, without keeping you too much involved in the introduction, let’s straightly jump into the topic. 

Avast Premier And Its Features

Nowadays, smartphones and personal computers have become a necessity in our life. It will be hard to find a person who doesn’t own a smartphone or a personal computer. With the rapid increase in the use of smartphones and personal computers, the attacks of viruses and malware are also increasing day by day.

And to tackle and solve problems related to such malware and viruses an antivirus is needed. Avast is one of the finest and most popular antiviruses in the market. You can enjoy the service of Avast on your mobile, PC, iPad, iPhone, and other devices.

Avast gives you the option of enjoying their services, free trial version, and premier subscription. It’s quite clear that premier subscriptions will provide more features than the trial version. So let’s now look at some of those features. 

  • One of the most advanced antivirus to protect your system against virus and malware attacks.
  • Keep your device protected against phishing attacks.
  • Gives you recommendations for improving your network connection.
  • Keeps your important passwords and credentials safe and secure. 
  • Using Avast premier subscription you can get rid of different files and documents permanently. 
  • Helps you in running suspicious programs without putting your system at risk. 
  • Lastly, protect your system from hackers that try to steal personal information from your device. 

As you might be aware, everything in this world has its pros as well as cons. So now let’s look at the cons of Avast. 

  • The premier subscription of Avast is way too much costlier than some other famous antivirus present in the market. 
  • Recently, reports came out that Avast was involved in sharing their user’s personal data.

Avast Free Trial

Before listing Avast premier license key, let’s first look at how you can enjoy the free trial version of Avast. The Avast trial version will last for 30 days. And within these 30 days, you can find out whether Avast is made for you or not. 

  • Click on the link for visiting the official website of Avast. 
  • Press the free download option. It will download the Avast installer that will size around 250-300kb. 

  • Now open the downloaded file, and click on the install option.

  • Now Avast will download its files from the internet. Once completed, you will have Avast installed on your device.

You can download Avast on your android device by visiting the Play Store and for your iOS device by visiting AppStore. Or you can click the below-mentioned link.

Avast Premier License Keys in 2023

Now that you have a brief knowledge about Avast premier and its features. Let’s take a look at all the working license keys. 

  2. UHFDN3-97X5C2-4Z443S
  3. NXNW5H-4AKMF2-4EU5F2
  4. 3DWS9E-CW75YJ-4Q48YA
  6. 38d3cb06-eb7f-45b7-a2cd-96349541af3a
  7. 87b349a5-8b8d-4eda-8311-dbb21422ebcd
  8. 2a55ec92-4d26-4c70-a994-64ab714cdf9d
  9. c0996d32-160e-42a5-ab83-815b85a5b6f2
  10. 8DU37-34D-DJ3IE-E93JD
  11. DJKWI8-EO3-34O3U-34O
  12. 3829D-DJWI-ELWI3-DLW
  14. HJD9-DFJK-DJEI3-34OW
  19. HFG9-43IUF-34JDJ4-34UIFJS
  21. FJCF93-4I3-34IO3-34IO3U2J
  22. CNS3S-DKL3-DK3MS-DK30D

How To Use License Key?

The process of redeeming Avast License keys is very simple but different for PC and mobile. We will take a look at the methods for both my devices. 

1. For PC

Follow the below-mentioned steps for activating Avast premier on your PC. 

  • Open the Avast application, click on the “Menu” option present at the top right corner. 

  • Now go to the “Enter Activation Code” option, and enter any of the activation codes mentioned above.
  • Finally, press the enters key for activating the code.

2. For Android

Follow the below-mentioned steps for activating Avast premier on your Android device. 

  • Open the Avast application on your mobile, and click on the three lines present at the top left corner.


  • Now open the “My Subscription” option.

  • Click on “Already purchased“, and the “Redeem an activation code“.

  • Now enter any of the above-mentioned activation codes. Finally, press “Use this code” for activating Avast premier.

3. For iOS

The process of installing on IOS is very much similar to Android. But for your ease, we are going to mention all the steps all over again. 

  • Open Avast on your iOS device.
  • Press the “Upgrade” option present at the top right corner, after that person “Already Purchased?” option.

  • Open the “Enter Avast subscription code” option.
  • Lastly, enter any of the above-mentioned codes and press enter for activating the premier subscription. 

Are Avast Cracks Legitimate?

Whenever you try to Google search for the license key of Avast premier, then there’s a great possibility that you will come across many websites that will claim that they will provide the cracked version of Avast premier. But believe us, all those websites are fake and their only job is to fill your device with viruses and malware.

Additionally, they can also steal some of your personal data and sell it to hackers. Therefore, it is always recommended to go with the license key option, rather than the cracked versions. 

Final Words

We hope by now you will be having good knowledge about the Avast premier license key and how you can use it for unlocking the Avast premier services. But by any chance, if you still have any doubt or feedback regarding this post, then please let us know in the comment section. And we will try to answer your comment asap.