Apps Like TweakBox – 10 Best Alternatives

TweakBox will always be our number one recommendation if you ask us about the best third party iOS app installer. The amount and quality of different apps and games that we can find on TweakBox are just amazing. But what if you are looking for the best alternatives for TweakBox. In today’s post, we will share some of the best apps like TweakBox. All the apps that we are going to list below will work the same as TweakBox, i.e, they will help you to download modded iOS apps and games. 

Top 10 TweakBox Alternatives

There are plenty of apps like TweakBox that promise to do the same thing. And if you’re an iOS user, the good news is that some of the alternatives on this list will work on your device as well.

  1. GetJar
  2. Aptoide
  3. Appeven
  4. 25pp
  5. CokernutX
  6. AltStore
  7. AppLand
  8. iOS Heaven
  9. Sileo
  10. AppDB

Apps Like TweakBox in 2023

As you must be knowing, TweakBox is used for downloading hacked, modded, or advanced apps and games that are not available on Apple Store. But there will be some apps or games that you will not find on TweakBox or the Apple store itself. And to solve this problem, we are going to mention 10 apps like TweakBox. Let’s start looking at the one by one. 

1. Appvalley

The first entry in our list is, Appvalley. According to the development team of Appvalley, they are the number one iOS mod Store. The user experience of their website is very beautiful and easy to use. All the apps and games present on their website have been tested by experts, therefore, you can completely trust them.

The apps that you will find on the website will be very responsive, i.e, free of any laggy issues. Additionally, the latest version of iOS, i.e, iOS13 is also supported on your website.

2. Panda Helper

Panda Helper is the best helper or as the company claims, “the most convenient App helper“, for downloading modded files. You will find more than 1000 apps on their website. Some of the most downloaded files of their website are NBA 2K19 Hack, YouTube++, Snapchat++, and WhatsApp Watusi.

According to some reports, Panda Helper has recently gained huge popularity among all iOS users. The best part is, not only iOS apps but you can also find modded Android app on this platform.


By visiting IPABOX, you can unlock the best features of your iOS device by downloading different hacks, emulators, and, ++tweaks present on this platform. All the apps and games present on this web platform are completely free. And according to the company’s claims, the updates and new features that will be added to those Apps in the future will also be free.

The downloading speed of different apps from this platform is also very high. Regardless of your location, at the time of downloading apps from this platform, you are going to get the max performance of your internet connection.

Additionally, it is a trustable platform, as all the apps present on this platform have gone through the standard SSL encryption. 

4. iOS Ninja

iOS Ninja is another platform that you can trust for downloading the latest tweaks and apps without falling into the process of jailbreaking.

This platform supports iPhone iPad as well as iPod, all you need to do is click on the above link for downloading their official app. The feature that makes this platform different from others is that this platform provides an ad-free experience. 

5. TutuApp

If your priority is to download hacked and modded games then we will suggest the platform called “TutuApp“. It is a widely popular name among all gamers who use an iOS device for playing games. All the apps and games present on this platform are available for free.

Therefore, you don’t need to spend anything from your pocket. Additionally, you can download all the apps and games present on this platform without jailbreaking your device. 

6. Zestia

The platform, Zestia provides the most updated iOS apps and games that you can download on your device without jailbreaking it. All the apps and games present on this platform have been tested by experts, therefore, all of them are legal and you can easily trust them.

We’re pretty sure that you might have not heard about this platform as it has not gained as much popularity as other platforms like TweakBox and AppValley. But, believe us it is not much behind all those apps in terms of providing a quality user experience and apps. 

7. Cydia App Store

Developed by Saurik, Cydia is another very popular platform for downloading modded apps for your iOS device. From this platform, you can download different tweaks, themes, games, and apps for changing the look of your iOS device.

This platform will also help you to give completely new features to your basic iOS device. The only downside of this platform is that you need to jailbreak your iOS device for downloading items from this platform. 

8. ACMarket

From what we can guess, a majority of Android users must have heard of the platform ACMarket. It is one of the best platforms that works the same as the Play Store. You can find thousands of games, apps, themes, and books for free. But now, the app is also available for all iOS users. Get your favorite iOS modded apps and games on ACMarket. 

9. AppDB

AppDB is widely popular because of its huge database. AppDB works the same as TweakBox, i.e, you can easily find your favorite hacked apps and games on this platform.

This platform also gives you the feature of upgrading to their premium subscription. This up-gradation will help you to enjoy their premium services, i.e, download your apps and games without the disturbance of ads. 

10. Sileo

Sileo definitely deserves a mention on our list, and it’s because of its simple and friendly user interface. The downloading speed of all the apps and creates present on this platform is also very significant. The only thing that you need to remember before using this platform is that your device should be jailbroken.

Final Words

So, these were some of the best apps like TweakBox. All the apps and websites mentioned in this post are trustable and legal. You can go through all the mentioned platforms, and choose the one that suits you the most. Additionally, if you are aware of any other legal and trustable website then you mention it in the comment section. You can also use the comment section for sharing your feedback and suggestions regarding this post.