Free Amazon Gift Card Codes – Working Methods in 2021

We all love shopping as much as we crave for free stuff. Well, what if we combine both. If you think its impossible, let me tell you a secret (that probably you all know) that Amazon gift card codes are the one-stop solution to combine both. It is a tool that can help you shop without having to spend a single penny.

You can purchase these gift cards from the official site. However, if you want to earn these gift cards for free then you need to follow up on some apps and websites. It may seem easy but it will require patience to earn these Amazon gift codes.

In this guide, we have centralized some important and useful websites and apps that can help you earn Amazon gift card codes for free. And help you with your endless free shopping.

How To Earn Amazon Gift Cards Code for Free?

There was a time when we had to move out to purchase items for ourselves but with the current scenario, it is entirely necessary to stay in-doors. And let Amazon help you with your shopping. Amazon is a leading e-commerce site that has items listed from electronic gadgets to grocery shopping. And the most amazing feature launched by Amazon is its gift cards.

However, to earn these gift cards without paying any real money, we have listed some legit websites and apps to enjoy limitless shopping with Amazon gift cards.

1. Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is one of the authentic websites to provide Amazon gift cards. You only need to perform some simple tasks like shopping online, bing searches, and participate in different challenges available. These will help you collect points into your Microsoft account which in turn can be used to purchase Amazon gift cards.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks has always been in the trend for its simple and easy ways to earn gift cards. Whilst this site gives you $5 as a welcome reward. You can also earn more through participating in the surveys, watching videos, playing games, etc. The SB points earned can be used to redeem Amazon gift codes, Starbucks, Walmarts, and many more rewards.

3. Ibotta

Do you always look for cashback offers while shopping? If yes, then Ibotta is for you. This app offers occasional cashback on different stores. You just have to upload your receipt after shopping and you are all set to earn the cashback. And purchase the Amazon gift cards or Paypal cash through these cashback offers.

4. MyPoints

Looking for an advance earning? What can be better than getting a $10 welcome bonus? Yes… you earn the moment you join MyPoints. This site includes almost 2000 retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, etc. And you get 40% of your shopping value back whenever you make a purchase. Also, you can earn points by joining surveys and get a chance to redeem these points to get Amazon gift cards.

5. Viggle

Viggle is a site that offers you perk points for watching TV and movies. The moment you check-in to these apps you start earning points. Several other interesting ways to earn extra perks are joining challenging Quests, daily trivia, and Streaks. You can redeem these perk points for Amazon gift codes.

6. Honey

Honey is a site that helps you filter the best prices available on the Internet. When you select an item, honey automatically attaches the coupon letting you spend less on every buy. To earn points like other sites, you have to join the Honey Gold service. This service gives rewards based on online purchases made. Hence, join honey to get Amazon gift cards.

7. TopCashback

If taking surveys have bored you for a long time and you are not willing to do it anymore. Then TopCashback is the best app for you. It is popular among different countries. And you can use this app to get the cashback amount for the purchase you make.

8. Dosh App

Unlike other shopping apps, Dosh doesn’t ask you to scan or upload the receipt. All you need to do is attach the credit card that you use for shopping. And the moment you swipe the card, you receive the cashback automatically into your account. So, collect a minimum of $25 cashback to purchase gift cards.

9. Ask for Amazon Gift Cards

Wondering what to ask your loved once on your birthday? How about Amazon gift cards. Just ask your relatives and friends to give you Amazon gift cards on your special day. As this method can put you on a safe side, by avoiding some useless gifts you receive. Also, with gift cards, you can purchase the actual item you have been wishing for so long.

10. InboxDollar

InboxDollar is yet another activity site that gives you points to redeem gift cards. Join surveys, watch different videos, play games, and try out some new products. All these activities will help you earn reward points. Also, you get a $5 of a welcome bonus. Once you have collected points cash-out in the form of Amazon gift cards whenever you want.

11. Drop App

Drop is an easy app where you can get cashback for the purchase made through Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, and many more top brands. Just sign up and link your shopping credit card. Now, you are all set to earn cashback. Also, you get $5 on your email the moment you join the site.

12. One Opinion

OneOpinion is a survey taking site that is popular these days. All you have to do is sign up to this site and start taking surveys. The more surveys you take the more fair amount you earn. The amount earned on this site can be redeemed to get gift cards or cash.

30 Amazon Gift Card Codes 2021

Well, this may look like a reward for the readers. Indeed it is. Enjoy these codes of Amazon gift cards without having to struggle. Although try out the websites mentioned above. It never harms to have more and more gift cards.

  2. AZ5T-5YZNZL-H5EU7
  3. YJ9Q-4VKC81-RTACT
  5. OZ89-1FYK4X-KNYPV
  10. Z31V-2R47FC-KLFp4
  13. Q6YS-8GN1AO-WKK7F
  17. FLGL-GLPY6Z-6FI12
  19. JYLQ-24EG3O-N5AKR
  20. M4W4-WMESZM-1G2CW
  23. JHXN-Z7I9L2-TO42X

Amazon Gift Card Generators And Related Scams

Amazon gift card generators state to generate an infinite amount of 15 digit unique codes of amount $5, $25, and $100. These generators mostly assert to be genuine. But don’t fall into such traps. This is all fake. And not worth your time and effort.

Moreover, you need to stay away from some fraudsters lurking around you to rob you. These frauds will contact you and talk you through to pay some real money for Amazon gift cards they provide. Further, you can also be asked to pay for debt and taxes through gift cards that you may not be aware of.

Final Words

Finally, here we conclude with some attractive and simple methods that can be used to earn free Amazon gift card codes. While you can use these codes to go for gift shopping. You can also gift the Amazon gift cards to your loved once on some special occasions. Surely, it will make your moments memorable. Also, beware of the fraudsters and code generators.

So, have a safe and happy shopping!!!