How to Fix Alexa Not Working Issue? [7 Ways]

Welcome to Aesir Copenhagen guide to fix all problems related to Alexa. It’s an uncomfortable pain when devices like Alexa don’t respond in the way you want them to. Luckily, we are here to fix all the problems related to Alexa. 

Fixing Alexa problems or you can say troubleshooting Alexa is not a duck soup. It takes a lot of brain work and is definitely a tiring process. But worry not, as we will let you know how to fix Alexa Not Working problem in a few simple steps. Let’s jump straight to the topic. 

How to Fix Alexa Not Working Problem?

If your Alexa is not working properly then there can be different reasons and each reason requires a different solution. We’re going to look at the most common reasons one by one along with their solutions. 

1. Change Alexa Position

In a normal state, Alexa will always respond to your every command. But sometimes Alexa starts behaving like humans, i.e, she starts hearing what she wants to hear or sometimes hears nothing at all. No matter what’s the reason behind that your Alexa is not responding properly to your commands let’s look at its solutions.

You must be knowing that Alexa is an eco-compatible device, and sometimes it might get confused because of a lot of echoes coming through her surroundings. So it is recommended to try changing the position of Alexa, if possible keep it in open, away from any obstacles like walls and chairs. 

2. Keep Alexa Away From Other Noise Source

It’s common sense that even humans can’t concentrate on one particular voice if there are lots of noise going around him or them. The same applies to an Alexa. If you have kept her near something that is producing noise, then she might get confused between your voice and the voice coming from that other place. 

3. Train Alexa For Your Commands

Alexa is an AI-based program that works on your voice command. So you need to train Alexa to recognize your voice. Sometimes Alexa will not respond if she is not familiar with your different tones of voice.

4. Visit Alexa Notification

If you have the same mindset as us then you will surely question the yellow Ring feature that comes along with Alexa. This ring indicates that someone has sent you a message that you haven’t received yet, or do you have got a new email. But sometimes it might get irritating to regularly see these yellow rings. So, it’s time to see how to get rid of them.

For stopping this yellow light go to the Notification option, then after that Amazon shopping. Now turn off the, “out of delivery”, and “delivered” options. 

5. Check Connectivity

Nobody likes to experience any disturbance while enjoying their favorite music. And if it happens with your Alexa then the case can even be worse. The main reason for you facing this issue could be your Wi-Fi connectivity. 

The only way to solve this issue is by rebooting your router. But by any chance, if the problem still continues then make sure that you have kept Alexa far away from any metal objects. 

6. Restart Alexa

This is one of the most common issues people face with Alexa. This problem has been with Alexa since the time of its launch and is still continuing.

Some people sarcastically say that it’s a built-in exclusive feature of Alexa. Nevertheless, jokes apart, let’s see how we can fix the Alexa Not Working issue.

For fixing this issue you just need to do 2-3 simple changes. First of all, restart your router or modem. And after that restart the Alexa.

Once you have done these two steps, then start with the basics, i.e try playing an audio file for a few minutes to check if you are again facing that same issue or not. By any chance, if you are again facing the same issue then place Alexa near to your router. 

7. Change Alexa Awake Word

Just like automatic Wi-Fi deactivation, Alexa getting automatically activated is also a very common issue faced by all Alexa users. For example, if you are watching or listing something on your mobile or television and suddenly a word comes out that sounds similar to “Alexa“. Then in such a case, Alexa will get activated automatically. You can resolve this issue in three following ways.

  • You can place Alexa a bit far from that sound source.
  • You can change the Alexa activation word from, “Alexa” to some other uncommon word. 
  • Lastly, you can even ask Alexa, “Why did you get activated?

Final Words

So, these were all the common issues that were responsible for Alexa not working. We hope you will be able to resolve your problem by using the hacks and solutions mentioned in this article.

But in any case, if you are facing an issue other than this, then feel free to let us know in the comment section. You can also share your doubt and feedback regarding this post in the comment section down below.